Waar (2013)

    Waar (2013)

     Rating: 8.4/10 (28,958 votes)

    Plot Summary

    The film is based on stylized depiction of actual life events surrounding the war on terror in Pakistan including the attack on a Police Academy at Lahore in 2009. Major Mujtaba is a former army officer, who took an early retirement from the service. The plot involves a counter-terrorism operation being conducted in the Northwestern tribal region of Pakistan, led by Ehtesham and coordinated by an intelligence officer played by Ayesha. Ehtesham and the intelligence officer come to know of a major terrorist attack that can only be countered with the help of Major Mujtaba.



    Country: Pakistan
    Language: English, Urdu
    Release date: 16 October 2013 (6 years ago)
    Link Update: 26 February 2015 (5 years ago)
    Running time: 130 min